Drama For Life: Edited

by John O'Toole and Margret Lepp

This book is about people all over the world who use drama and theatre…



SYNOPSIS This book is about people all over the world who use drama and theatre, in a wide range of manifestations, for educating adults – in the broadest of definitions of that phrase. It is a scholarly storybook, describing tales of diverse practice underpinned by strong educational and artistic principles. The context, the politics, and sometimes the specific purpose are what are different.

The distinguished international contributors’ stories are grouped into three sections: Communal (formal and informal educational theatre and drama activity in communities world-wide); Individual (personal teaching, therapy and self-exploration and expression through drama and theatre); and Professional (drama and theatre used in training and ‘in-service’ in a wide range of workplace contexts).

The book is written to be accessible to and savoured by educators, students, and anyone interested in drama. Though not a class text, there are countless good ideas for starting points, basic approaches and individual techniques.

The contributors represent all continents, and both the developing and the developed worlds. They work with a diversity of socio-economic groups: from refugees to judges, from Native American teachers to Australian meatworkers, from traditional African villagers to new Danish citizens, from English survivors of child abuse to Nicaraguan women’s groups.