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The Economist by Tobias Manderson-Galvin



THEMES: Violence, Media Representation, Xenophobia, Accountability
LENGTH: 60 Minutes

The Economist is the first play written in response to the massacre on Utoya Island, Norway.


Daring and different, Tobias Manderson-Galvin’s The Economist deftly blends fact and fiction to fearlessly delve into the darkest parts of this tragic event, questioning the motivations of Breivik, the response of the media, and how we, as a society, have responded to the events.


July 22, 2011, one of the most infamous dates in Norway’s history. Lone gunman Anders Breivik takes the lives of 92 people in a bomb attack on Oslo and a shooting on Utoya Island.

The Ecomomist follows the life of Andrew Berwick, a theatrical reflection of Breivik, and the events that lead him to July 22, 2011. Using material from Breivik’s own manifesto and blog, as well as countless media reports, The Economist tries to make sense of this dark and violent chapter of Norway’s history.


The Economist was first performed by MKA: Theatre of New Writing at a MKA “Pop-Up” Theatre in Abbortsford on November 28, where it enjoyed a three-week season. It was subsequently performed as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2012, and as part of the World Theatre Festival 2013 at the Powerhouse in Brisbane.

ISBN: 978-1-925338-68-3


"It’s disturbing on a level that goes far beyond any traditional thriller, leaving us cold, and wondering about the future of the human race"

XS Entertainment

"New theatre at its most exciting: uncompromising, fearless and unrelentingly, disturbingly human."

The Music

"The kind of mind f*ck that leaves you wobbly and wanting more."

Aussie Theatre

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