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Cribbie by Michael and Margery Forde



THEMES: Community, Change, Hope, Dispossessed People
LENGTH: 1.5 Hours
SUITABLE FOR: Senior Years
CAST SIZE: 3 – 4 Cast Members

Gone but not Forgotten


Cribbie is musical, verbatim play about Brisbane’s lost suburb of Cribb Island – a charming seaside spot that became the Brisbane Airport in the 1980s.


Cribb Island was once an isolated, tight knit community of Aussie battlers who found refuge and cheap living during The Great Depression. Full of vibrant residents, from the policeman who hadn’t made an arrest in ten years, to the musical family that went on to become the Bee Gees, ‘Cribbie’ was much loved by the people who called it home. But when the suburb was resumed for the expansion of the Airport, the community was torn apart. Based on interviews with the suburbs former residents and written by Michael Forde and Margery Forde, Cribbie is a heartwarming, nostalgic story of the community that was forced to leave the place they called home.


Cribbie was first performed at Metro Arts Brisbane on 26 Novemeber 2009.

ISBN 978-1-76161-018-9


"...it is like "The Castle" but 100% real and 100% composed of the real lived experiences, stories and tellings of the people that were there. It is a magnificent work where a lost community can live again through laughing, grieving and hearing the stories told and retold again. Just go see this precious gem of Queensland contemporary theatre."

Theatre People

"Cribbie is a charming play told with warmth and humour. "

Queensland Times

"Joy and tears all round…local history as it should be told."

Alison Cote

"Cribbie has more heart than other stage plays with music. It is real: about life and destruction of a suburb of Brisbane without warning. This play is about a community."

Stage Whispers

"I can't tell you how amazed, amused and deeply touched I was by Cribbie."

Hugh Lunn

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