New decade, new look, same purpose.

While Playlab is continuing to evolve to meet the needs of artists, educators and audiences, our commitment to the artform of theatre is unwavering. Whether it’s through developing, publishing or producing new Australian work, Playlab seeks to empower artists to challenge perspectives of Australian culture through Australian theatre.

Playwrights are and will always remain at the centre of the creative process, even as the organisation is moving to produce more of the new works that are developed through our programs, which will require more actors, directors, designers etc. It is their identity, courage and imagination that inspires us to question, illuminate or celebrate Australian culture, and work for a more inclusive society.

Just as 2019 broke new ground for us, with the highest number of playwrights supported and the largest audience engagement ever, 2020 is shaping as a year of more firsts for Playlab, with two productions for the first time and the introduction of a new initiative to support artists and increase access to Australian theatre.

Please join us an share in the love of Australian theatre.

— Ian Lawson | Artistic Director/CEO

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