Did you attend the Democratic Rights Rally and March in Brisbane, October 1977?

Were you active in fighting for feminist, LGBTQ, or First Nations’ rights during the 1970s in Brisbane?

Were you involved with 4ZZZ or the live music scene in Brisbane in the 1970s?

Were you a target of the Queensland’s government’s Special Branch during the 1970s?

Did you have contact with the police force in Brisbane during the 1970s?

Were you a police officer or Special Branch member in Queensland during the 1970s?


What did you see? What did you hear? What did it feel like to be there? Any details, small or large, are welcome here…

Playlab Theatre seeks first-hand stories for a new theatrical work exploring the protest culture of Brisbane in the 1970s. We wish to truthfully examine this unique period of Queensland’s history, by giving voice to those who were there and a part of movement to hold the oppressive conservative Bjelke-Petersen government accountable. A generation of young people were politicised in response to censorship and loss of freedoms. These people were known as subversives and were watched over by the “State Special Branch”.

Police brutality. The proliferation of misinformation. Government censorship of the media. Silence in the face of international human rights’ abuses. Destruction of the Great Barrier Reef. Crackdowns on peaceful protest. This was Joh’s Queensland of the 1970s. Or, is it Australia, 2021? If we don’t learn from history, are we doomed to repeat it?

Subversives by Kathryn Marquet will be a verbatim and multidisciplinary in form, and will feature a soundtrack from Brisbane’s own past.


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