Frequently Asked Questions – Transmission

Q. How much writing should I submit?

A. Please submit 3 pages of your best writing. Use a 3 page extract from previous work. We don’t require any more than 3 pages, so please don’t submit more as we don’t have the resources to read more than that.


Q. What kind of writing should I submit?

A. You can submit whatever style writing you would like. Whatever you think highlights your skills the most.


Q. Do I need to know what project I want to work on before applying?

A. You do not need to know what play you intend to work on before applying for this program. The first couple of sessions of this program will help you explore ideas that you may continue to work on. You can come into the program with an idea of what play you want to write, but this is not a requirement for applying. We recommend allowing the program to guide you to the idea.


Q. What are the outcomes of the program?

A. Across the course of the program you will do sessions on form, genre, dialogue and so much more. You will progress through the first stages of writing a new work, culminating in an articulated plan for a first draft.


Q. Do I have to pay a program fee?

A. No! This development program is funded by Playlab Theatre, so all you have to do is show up and do the work!


Q. What if I have special circumstances or accessibility requirements?

A. Please reach out to us at before applying if you would like to chat about the ways we can best support you in this program.


Q. Where is this program held?

A. Transmission is a remote program, so all sessions will be held over Zoom. The schedule can be downloaded here.


Q. Do you provide feedback if an application is unsuccessful?

Playlab Theatre is run by a small number of staff. Due to the large number of applications we receive, unfortunately it is not possible for us to provide formal feedback for unsuccessful applications.